Company / Structure
Dr. Heinrich Schulte
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Ian Beveridge
Chief Executive Officer
Bernhard Schulte GmbH & Co. KG is the holding company for the Group.
Dr. Heinrich Schulte is the senior family representative of the Bernhard Schulte Advisory Board, where all important decisions are approved.

The Bernhard Schulte Management Team comprises Ian Beveridge as Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Pinker as Chief Financial Officer, Felix Leggewie as Chief Operating Officer, Johann Schulte as Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Breuel as Managing Director Tanker Chartering and Natassa Ioannou-Deelen as Managing Director Container Chartering and Operations.

Tobias Pinker
Chief Financial Officer
Felix Leggewie
Chief Operating Officer
Johann Schulte
Chief Commercial Officer
Peter Christian Breuel
Managing Director
Tanker Chartering
Natassa Ioannou-Deelen
Managing Director
Container Chartering and Operations