Company / History
Konsul Johann Hermann Schulte, founder of the company Konsul Christoph Bruns The painting shows the shooner »Balthasar«, which formed part of the fleet of Schulte & Bruns, Papenburg from 1896 until 1902
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  Konsul Johann Hermann Schulte (1847 - 1920)

1883: Foundation of Schulte & Bruns with his friend Christoph Bruns in Papenburg. The company started out with ship broking and ship agency
1893: Separation from Christoph Bruns and move to Emden
at 1900: Acquired 12 sailing vessels which were mainly employed in the Baltic timber trade
approx. 1914 First steamship was bought
1917: Shipyard was founded

  Konsul Heinrich Schulte (1876 - 1937) & Johann Schulte (1877 - 1938)

1923, 1929-30: Inflation and world economic crisis was mastered with the next generation: Konsul Heinrich Schulte
approx. 1939 Seagoing fleet: 16 vessels - inland waterway fleet comprises vessels with over 100,000 tdw with offices in Rotterdam, Hamburg und Duisburg. Main business: Supply of German mining- and steel-industry with raw materials
1937 / 1938: Third generation took the helm

  Konsul Bernhard Schulte (1907 - 1975) & Hans-Heinrich Schulte (1909)

1945: Third generation reopened office with their last three surviving steamers being expropriated by the Allies
1945-48: Step by step the hereditary fields of shipping were regained
1949: Purchase of the first vessel after war
1955: Fleet comprised 16 seagoing vessels and over 100 inland water crafts
» Schulte & Bruns was one of the leading shipping companies in postwar Germany
1st Oct. 1955: Konsul Bernhard Schulte split away and founded his own ship owning company in Hamburg with the focus of a new business line: operating in the spot-markets without reliance on contract cover
1956: "Suez Boom" helped to expand the fleet
1957-1967: 13 new-buildings were delivered, half of which were owned in partnership with old friends

  Dr. Heinrich Udo Schulte (1935) & Thomas Schulte (1939)

1963: The 4th generation started with Dr. Heinrich Schulte managing 14 vessels
1967: Thomas Schulte joined the company and built up an inhouse Chartering Department
1968: First gastanker had been taken into management. Ongoing steady, moderate expansion of the Bernhard Schulte Company
1971: Majority of the fleet was now truly family-controlled. The first vessel was flagged out to Liberia - many others were to follow
1972: First German-controlled off-shore ship management company (25% share) - birth of Hanseatic Shipping Co., Limassol, Cyprus
1975: Konsul Bernhard Schulte passed away

Dr. Heinrich Schulte & Thomas Schulte & Ascan Lutteroth (1933)

1980: Ascan Lutteroth, brother-in-law of Heinrich and Thomas Schulte joined the top-management team
1981: The shipping crisis struck a company with 30 owned and approx. 100 managed ships
1987: At the end of the crisis, only 22 vessels were left with limited reserves

Thomas Schulte left the company with four vessels and set up his own company

Dr. Heinrich Schulte & Ascan Lutteroth

1988: Move into fully cellularized container vessels and establishment of two more ship management offices
1989 onward: The group worked itself into the top ranking of international ship managers
1996: The third sector of shipping activities was added to the group when the Hamburg-based liner operator Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei was acquired. In November the Group moved into product tankers by purchasing five 1986 built chemical / product tankers
2004: Move into crude oil tankers and bulk carriers
2008: The hitherto independent Schulte Group shipmanagement companies were merged under the name Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, with the vision of being the leader in quality shipmanagement
2011: Move into the new Schulte office building in the heart of the Hamburg harbour

  Johann Bernhard Schulte (1982) & Hermann Christoph Schulte (1984)

2013: The sons of Dr. Heinrich Schulte joined the company as partners
2014: Entered the market for large scale LNG carrier ownership by ordering a 174.000cbm vessel from Samsung Shipyard against a long term charter to Mitsui & Co.

Entered the market for off-shore wind farm maintenance vessels by ordering two Service Operations Vessels from Ulstein Shipyard against long term charters to Siemens AG.
2015: Sale of OPDR to CMA CGM, after deciding that liner operations is not a core business segment for Bernhard Schulte.

O&S Chartering, our joint venture with Reederei Nord for chartering containerships and bulk carriers, renamed to Hanseatic Unity Chartering. Borealis Ltd. admitted as third partner.

Formation of BS Offshore as an entity to develop our off-shore shipowning and shipmanagement capabilities.
2017: Asiatic / Atlantic Lloyd and Leonhardt & Blumberg became the latest partners of Hanseatic Unity Chartering, combining the marketing and chartering of their container and dry bulk vessels.
2017: Schulte Marine Concept secures the first cruise ship newbuilding supervision contract.
2018: Formation of Bernhard Schulte Cruise Services. First cruise ship management contract secured.
2018: Acquisition of the specialized LNG shipmanager PRONAV in line with the strategic objective of the company to strengthen its service business.